Hey there this is Ed from Ohio.

So here I am with my computer in the shop and 30 minutes from home and no way to blog, right? Wrong!

As long as you have a cell phone you have the ability to blog online from wherever you are. So here I am sitting in a Wendy's parking lot. I just thought I would let you know about an experience I had just yesterday.

Yes you read it right in the title, I had an experience with an unsubscriber who feared french fries. Go ahead and watch this five and a half minute video and go ahead and leave me your comments

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How To Write A Blog Post That Actually Makes You Look Intelligent...

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How To Do A Blog Post On Empower Network!


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You Might be looking for the perfect blogging platform. I was searching too for quite a while. I even tried a couple different blogging types and even created my own. I found the perfect system though in Empower Network. Here are some of the reasons why I use empower network for my blog.

One main reason you should use Empower Network for your blog is because it is extremely simple to set up. The instant I paid for my blog it was ready to blog on. No set up needed. All I had to do was add a couple banners and my picture and it was ready to go.

A second reason I use Empower Networks blogging platform is because I get up to 10 blogs for just $25. That is pretty cool because other blogs that I have created on my own in the past cost me at least $9 a month each for hosting. To top it off, I had to set up every aspect of those blogs myself. Empower makes my life so much is easier.

A third reason you should consider an Empower Network blog is because they do not regulate you or tell you what you can put on your blog. I once did a review on a free blog platform called blogspot.com and they turned my blog off because they didn’t agree with my point of view. I love the Freedom of being able to blog about whatever you want on the Empower Network blogs.

The biggest reason I choose to use Empower Network blogs is because they actually pay you to refer others. I have seen other blogging platforms sell for $99-$299 per year to use the blog and they didn’t pay out anything if you liked their service and referred others. On the other hand Empower has paid me over $60,000 in $25 payments for referring others.

If all that weren’t enough for you to Get an Empower Network Blog Now, Empower also has other products that they market. For instance, they have an inner circle product that has paid me an additional $84,000 by referring it to others. That doesn’t include all of the higher priced products that have paid me 10’s of 1000’s of dollars.

So it should be clear to see Why I Use an Empower Network Blog.  It’s easy to use, simple to set up, much more affordable, and I have the freedom to put on my blog what ever I choose. Along with all that, when you add the fact that they pay you big bucks to refer their products,  the Empower Network blog is by far the greatest choice.

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Ed Przybylski from Ohio


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Do You have Clarity and Purpose?

Everything You Need is Inside of you!

This is a cool video I found stumbling around you tube.

Tony Robbins really can put thing into perspective.

To Your Success:

Ed Przybylski From Ohio

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