WOW! Arron Rashkin Brought POWER on Last Nights Empower Hour! 

Just in case you missed  last night's Empower Hour Call that Arron hosted...  

... the feedback I've received so far, has been very eye opening, to say the least. 

Last Night He Revealed

  1. The Only 2 Things That Make You Money In Home Business
  2. His 3 Step Freedom Formula (He is a Multiple 7 Figure Earner)
  3. How If you are broke the problem is YOU - and YOUR SOLUTION
  4. 2 Secrets That Give Him that HE-MAN Physique

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HAH! I was watching this video and thought of David Wood. Do You See the comparisons?

This Guy on this hill started a crazy movement that took over this event. He steps up and does the ridiculous. I remember a wild haired David Wood stepping out in a sweaty hotel room and introducing something other leaders said couldn't be done, wouldn't last, and would crash and burn. 

There were 37 of us followers in that sweaty room that stood up and followed the lone nut and created Empower Network. Now thousands have joined in. He created a movement.

NOW the world is starting to see the movement. They are going to start joining at a crazy pace beginning in Charlotte. They will be joining if for no other reason than to NOT be left out of the movement.

It all started with the shirtless guy (running into an ocean) who had the guts to stand up and 37 followers who had the courage to follow the dream. Now it's going to lead to an ocean of people achieving freedom.

Join the Movement!

Get to Charlotte!


So When I was a kid My dad loved Led Zepplin. Grew up listening to all their albums. Yeah I said albums. lol. Played on a Record Player with a needle.

And of course I had to like them too. Now I see this new Christian Diorr Cologne commercial with that kid Robert Pattison from that Twilight series. And guess what music is in the back ground. Yep "Whole Lotta Love" by Zepplin. No words. Just the music.

Old Classics never die.

So I start singing "YOU NEED KOOLIN. BABY I'M NOT FOOLIN." (sound like some kinda crazy man) and my wife loooks at me like I am insane. So I ask her "Haven't you ever heard that song?"

She doesn't even realize that commercials song even has words. So I pop it up here on youtube for her and she goes OHHHHHH. She's never heard of them or the song. So I remind her of Stairway to Heaven... She knows that one song by them.

I get into the story of how my dad (he's 70 now) listened to it when I was a kid (I am 47 now) and how my 28 year old son knows the song too. So there ya go. That's my story of the day.

To All You Dads Out there... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

And To All You out there "Whole Lotta Lovers" or not -  tell your dad Happy Fathers Day This weekend!

Ed Przybylski from Ohio

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I have to say this was pretty touching. After watching the video I noticed they had a link under their youtube video. The link to the video goes to a place to help people fund their projects. In this case Dad is trying to raise $10,000 in doations to restore the car.

I am sure he will hit his goal. The video is so popular it already has over 11,000,000 views and he already has over $4700 in donations.

Here is a quick thought though...

Wouldn't it be better to create a change in lifestyle from a video that powerful? Obviously these peope are not rich. What if that youtube video... or the same video posted on facebook actually created a lifetime income for good old dad??

What if he had a link to an opportunity instead. Maybe saying something like "Hey I am raising Money for this incredible car my amazing son gave me. I was going to ask for donations but then I thought.... Why Not Say - Help Me Restore My Car and I'll Help You Make Money" And Then Give Them a link to something like this...


When I am writing this he has 206 donation and up to $4775 dollars SO FAR in like a week. That's on average a little over $23 per donation. 

If he were promoting something like TheProfitMethod It costs about $25 to get started. But in turn those people can make money also. BUT $25 times 206 people in this would mean about $5000 - MONTHLY INCOME! Not just one time.

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